" A Stingray Killed the Crocodile Hunter! "

15 December 1990
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My name is Victor. I am seveteen years old and I am currently a senior at Centreville High School (class of '09). I have only a few hobbies but I love them very much. I participate in theatre at school and I'm also considering it as a career pathh. I also sing. Most recently I took part in the CVHS Men's Ensemble, and this year I'm going to be in Concert Choir. I enjoy writing and I've been doing it forever. I rarely actually complete any works though.

I have "many" friends but I love my closest ones: Kathy and Alia. They save me from completely destroying myself. They also keep me sane.

I currently live with my aunt and my uncle. Previously, I lived in the Chicagoland area with my grandmother and brother for about fourteen years.

I work at KFC and it can be really annoying. Some of the reasons why I stay there are because I work with SOME amazing people, free food (most of the time), and so that I can make a little bit of money on the side.

I have a boyfriend currently and love him lots. So you probably know that I'm gay.

Thats about it -- in a nutshell.