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August 2008



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Aug. 1st, 2008

Coming Clean

So, I haven't written in awhile because there has been a lack of much going on lately. I have just been working at KFC almost every day since last Friday. Nothing that much even occured today, actually...

I went over to Daniel's for a little bit after I did my UNFORTUNATE 3 hours of labor on my day off. Alex and his brother were there, too. We played videogames, joked around, and then we even had pizza! It was a lot of fun and I didn't want to leave. But lately things have been on the edge back at home....

I'll start from the top of the story. Well, yesterday I spent a couple of hours with Alex. We did our usual thing at the playground -- talk, kiss, more talking, kiss. And then I went to the colonnade to meet up with Allison, Phuong, and Alia. We all (with the addition of Allison's sister and cousin) went to this pond near this random/unknown building. But apparently we were actually allowed to fish there. So we did. With paper cups. I didn't catch any (of course). Alia and Allison's cousin got the most. But there was this asian kid who was there who was hooking large fish with an actual fishing rod. Kudos to him, I suppose.

Anyway. I was a little late when I got back home. And when I say a little late, that means 30 minutes. But to my suprise, that wasn't the talk of all subjects with my aunt and uncle.

"Victor, are you gay?" said Sheila.

Straight to my face. After, of course, explaining to me how she came up with that assumption. They came across some websites I was visiting lately. Lets just say that they were "Gay interest" sites...

I couldn't really deny anything like that. The proof was on the computer. And it's not like John was the one who did it, obviously. So I 'fessed up and said that I did it and that I am gay. With that came no fighting, awkwardly. Things weren't too bad. They just kept bothering me about not visiting "those" kind of websites anymore. And then my aunt eventualy gave me this speech about how life will be hard beiing gay. She asked a few awkward questions, too.

It hasn't really been broughten up today. I dont think they're ignoring that it happened. But maybe its just not that much of a big deal to them. We are still all fine. Nothing has changed.

I need to ask them about King's Dominion though. Me, Alia, Allison, and Vivian are supposed to be going there on Wednesday, but I dont have permission yet. And this whole ordeal suddenly popped up. So I am either going to ask tonight at dinner (it doesn't look like dinner is going to be happening) or mention it tomorrow after work.

Jul. 25th, 2008


" Who is there to tell if you aren't even sure if your best friends care anymore? "

I feel like shit right now. In so many ways.

I've kind of had this crush on a guy from work since like May. But at the same time I had a crush on my current boyfriend. But now things are effed up. I, idiotically, told the other guy that I like him. Why? I dont even know. What was I expecting to get? I have a boyfriend -- luckily. But now I feel like a total ass and I'm embarrassed. What would Alex think? I dont even know if it constitutes as cheating. Like I said, I dont even know what I was TRYING to accomplish by telling this other guy how I felt.

But now I'm sitting at this computer writing about it. And I'm trying not to cry. Am I greedy?

So the guy seems to be avoiding the subject. He said, "its ok." but whatever. I got such a huge vibe that he felt the same. I dont know... and if we stop being friends, it wont be unexpected. This has happened many times before (see: Freshman Year). I thought I grew up and got over that "phase". But I apparently have not. And I have a boyfriend! What's wrong with me?

I am debating over whether or not to tell Alex. It's not cheating I guess...it was just dumb. But I feel bad enough for liking someone else while I'm in a relationship. But dont get me wrong, I still really really like Alex. I just hope I can move along with things. I am just filled with disappointment in myself...

And my relationships with Alia and Kathy havent been too splendid, either. Kathy and I were supposed to go the mall a few weeks ago but she ended up going to King's Dominion instead because our plans were "unofficial". And to top that off, we went to the mall recently and she asked if Shawn could come. Does she not want to be only with me? Even when we went to the pool in June, she told me she basically wanted to see John (this guy she used to like at the pool). I dont know. She just seems to care more about Shawn than anything else. And it bothers me. I like Shawn, though.

Alia and I are fine, verbally. I just tend to get a little angry at work when we work together, though. Its not the fact that she's new and needs help that bothers me. But she sometimes doesn't even attempt to do certain tasks, and suggests that I do it. So I end up doing the task about 50x a day. I'm not mad at her. It just bothers me -- especially when you have Shirley breathing on your neck about things. I was a little pissed last night though. I wanted to talk to her, but she came online and wouldn't speak to me because I didn't want to play Spades with her. I told her that I dont like card games. And eventually she logged out.

Anyway, I might try to talk to Erik to straighten things out (if they're not...?) because I'm embarrassed and I just want to continue to be friends.

Jul. 24th, 2008

The Dark Knight and the Mystery of the Missing Key

Today was pretty fun! I woke up at like 9:00 (shockingly, because I have never waken up that early this whole summer...and I'm impressed) and got ready to go to the movies with Alia, Phuong, Allison, and that quiet lad named Jason. We went to see Dark Knight -- which was amazing! I really wasn't expecting it too be that incredible, but it was. Heath Ledger was really good, too.

Alia discovered that her car key was missing once we left the movie. So we spent a good 20 minutes or so looking for the lost key. It was so weird. She claimed to have locked her car, but it was unlocked. And we also dont know how the heck the key managed to fall off of her keychain -- if it even did. But, surprisingly, I was the one to find it. The ticket-lady had it. The customer's service booth was pretty useless.

Finally, we went to the Colonnade and gathered up food for a "picnic". I bought some McDonalds (which I was given the wrong order...), Alia got a salad from Giant's salad bar, Phuong got a salad from Giant and a sandwich from Panera, and Allison just got a sandwich from Panera. I bought desert -- frosted sugar cookies. It was mucho fun. We talked about graduating, teachers, boobs ( lol ) and lots of other things.

I spent the rest of the day doing nothing, really. I walked the dog and this hot guy who is my neighbor came around. I looked a hot mess too. Oh well. I have Alex!

Jul. 18th, 2008

A Sheet of Paper With 7 Numbers

So today I woke up with the intention of reminiscing on the past. Last night I stumbled through some of my old stuff from Illinois and I found a sheet of paper with a list of phone numbers on it. And of course, I found Ryan Thompson's phone number. I remember dislocating it after a second time in 7th grade. And that was the last time that me and him have spoken to each other.  So naturally, because Ryan was my best friend for two years, I had a HUGE urge to call him.

I had a huge urge to call him, but I still haven't. I'm scared. I dont want things to be so awkward over the phone. I dont want him questioning how the hell I even still have his number. I dont want him to think that I'm obseessed with him or stalking him. What if his last memory of me is, "Wow, he was really weird." ?

I asked a few friends for advice on what to do and their answers were mostly to call him. Danielle and I even came up wih the idea of me playing it off as if I am trying to figure out who the phone number belongs to.  But even that would still be awkward. I'd feel even more like a predator for knowing exactly who I am speaking to, even though I would say that I have no clue. Sam just said I probably shouldn't. But I dont think her opinion was based on the actual situation. She admitted to just not liking to talk on the phone -- like myself. 

 I still plan on calling him, though. I just dont know when. Someday soon.

But in other news, I called Ben and Lathier. I tried with Tiara but her phone is "temporarily out of service". Ben and I talked for a long time about middle school and how weird we were ( lol ). We discussed people we haven't seen in a long time, too. Like Yadira Rostro. We caught up with what we've been up to in our own locations. He currently lives in Kentucky. And I, as you know, live in Virginia. It was very chill. I'm glad that me and him are still pretty close. We've known each other since kindergarten or first grade. Lathier and I only talked briefly. He had to go pick up his car from "the garage", apparently. 

So I have work tomorrow. Or maybe. When I went in yesterday, Magdy said that I wasn't needed. So I just went home. Me and Alia had this funny thing that happened at Giant. We both wanted food but didn't have enough money. So the employee at Giant had to actually help us out TWICE in order for us to get it. We even looked for spare change on the floor. Yeah. I cant wait until get my paycheck on Monday.

Jul. 16th, 2008

Why Are Topics Even Needed?

I am so tired of KFC  PEOPLE. Human beings are the most annoying things to come into contact with.  Sometimes I really do think that I am smarter than a lot of people. 

So I did end up working today (for a really annoying reason). I am so tired of having people yell at me and complain to me about things that I havent done. I'm also sick of pulled around by 5,000 people at the same time! 

There was a woman today who ordered a 10 piece meal, so I rang up her order. But then she complains to me about the chicken being all dark meat (which it is). So I'm like, "Yes...that only comes with thighs and legs." And then she requests some white meat. So I asked Shirley for the easiest way to solve the situation, and she ends up yelling at me. 

There is trash on the floor. I am yelled at because "I" dropped it. 

The three piece white-meat meal costs more than the four piece dark meat meal on the main menu. That is because "I" set the prices and I'm trying to take their money.

There is a line of people at the door. That is "my" fault, even though I asked Hassan and Daphney if they needed help about five times. And they kept giving me BS answers instead of really answering my question. So in result, there were pissed off customers. 

And finally, I was asking Shirley for change because my register was running out of cash. And then she tells me that she cant give me change for nothing. So I asked her what she would me to give her in exchange. And of course that turns into a big problem filled with her yelling and Hozay (of course) making himself involved in the situation for some unknown reason. So Shirley finally comes over and takes the money herself. And while this is happening, Hozay is at my side bitching about what I "should" do and what I "need" to do. And he tells me that I don't need to cry over it. Ok. I wasn't crying over anything.... but I was getting really angry.  So while they were both snapping at me, I threw the bills from my hand and stormed out. Shirley didnt say anything. But I could see Hozay laughing from the corner of my eye.

So I tried to call Alia. But she didn't pick up. I tried many other people. They didn't pick up. So I sat outside for awhile and then came home. 

People are so annoying. It's not so much KFC that makes being there a problem. Its PEOPLE. People ruin things. People are inconsiderate, rude, and ignorant of everyone except themselves. 

Like Daphne: she called me before work and kept insisting that she was coming to my house. So she went around the neighborhood ringing random peoples doorbells and asking for me. I dont know why. But it was EXTREMELY annoying. I dont even know how she has my phone number. And she's just so bothersome and annoying. She is one of many others that dont know what they're doing at work, too.  If you have been working there for like five months, you SHOULD know what you are doing. But she moves so slowly  and doesn't respond to when someone is speaking to her. Thank god for Amy and Laura. KFC would be shitty if they had decided not to come back for the summer.


Today/Tuesday was pretty uneventful except for a few aspects. I woke up early at about 10:00 or so (I dont even know if that is right) and then I basically watched hours of the E3 VideoGame Expo on television. I'm not really even a hardcore gamer. I just tend to have those kind of days where I'm really into something and forget about it after the day is done. Like right now -- I have no desire to play a videogame whatsoever. That's all I did for a good part of today... Anyway, it wasn't anything fancy. 

I had initially planned on either hanging out with Alia or Alex today. I was looking forward to chilling with Alia so much because we always go and get food and talk about life. But she decided to skip work today. And so, because of laziness, I ended up eating a small cup of yogurt with granola. Alex just didn't text me back about hanging out -- at least until around 5:50 PM. So we eventually did end up being together today. We went to the usual place -- a random and recently discovered playground near my house. I had fun like usual. We swung on swings and just flirted with each other, kissed, and talked about random stuff. I had to be back at home at around 7:00, so we went to Giant to grab some food before we would depart from each other. I plan on probably chilling with him again this Thursday. He doesn't have his SAT class on that day. And I'm ASSUMING that I wont have work...but you never know with KFC. That is why I must check the schedule tomorrow. 

That was pretty much my day. Usually my days have been a lot more interesting, though. Today was just kind of off.